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  • Faster Internet speeds , combined with more performing AI and Cloud services , faster mobile and computer chips , the emergence of more connected devices , smarter virtual assistants and other voice command devices , more VR and AR devices and applications will eventually transform the way we surf the Internet or use search engines , socialise , entertain , shop , learn , etc .
  • Even more , if we add the Virtual reality to this equation , one can predict that ecommerce and entertainment websites and social media platforms that exist now will gradually become obsolete as Virtual and augmented reality will also gradually take place even more in our connected lifes allowing us to have more enhanced experiences in our shopping , trading , entertainment , gaming and socialising online .
  • With the aid of proper VR gear these websites will allow us to experience first hand the real 3D look and size of a car as we do by visiting a Car show , and as we go forward these websites will keep innovating in their way of increasing the accuracy of our virtual experiences while shopping for cars through simulators etc.
  • For that , Internet Media is going to build some whole new types of backend infrastructures and set up new work methods to insure this proper flow of data going back and forth between the users and content providers and vice versa .
  • As the digital recording devices and other technology gets better and the broadband networks get faster , and the backend and media infrastructure Wether fixed or mobile gets better , the content will get better and more challenging and innovative endeavors enhanced by the networks and users incentives will take place , changing the way we consume media even more .
  • There will be a much greater market for the VR gear which which will be used in different VR applications , that gear will go from headsets to body suits or wearable like gloves etc to other types of gear like special VR trad mills that will be used for simulating experiences ranging from walking to running to turning right or left , going up and down , climbing or going downstairs or going uphill or downhill etc .

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