Adrianne Haslet says her injuries from getting hit by a car will keep her from running the 2019 Boston Marathon

  • Marathon bombing survivor Adrianne Haslet, who was hit by a car in the Back Bay last month, announced Friday morning that she will not be running the 2019 Boston Marathon.
  • A ballroom dancer, Haslet has continued to perform since she lost her left leg in the 2013 attack, appearing on “ Dancing with the Stars ” and crossing the finish line of the 2016 Boston Marathon as a runner .
  • For the 2019 Boston Marathon, Haslet told O’Donnell on Friday that she had been training not just to run, but place in the mobility impaired division during a year of the race where the day of the marathon will fall on the exact anniversary of the attack, April 15.
  • It’s falling on the day for the first time of the six-year anniversary,” she said.

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