‘All my friends are running for president’: How Senate Democrats are navigating 2020

  • “Whether they like it or not,” Coons, of Delaware, said with a grin when asked if he was briefing colleagues on his views and work on foreign policy, a central issue of his work in the Senate.
  • It’s a common theme among Senate Democrats who are not eyeing the White House in 2020: influence the national policy debate on the campaign stage to the degree possible, support the candidates broadly (though most aren’t planning to endorse any time soon, if at all), stay in the fight in Washington, and, perhaps most importantly, keep the peace — at least for as long as possible.
  • Schatz said he viewed his role over the next year-plus as doing the legislative work on issues like climate change and expanding Medicaid and college affordability that could help one of his colleagues, should they win in 2020, hit the ground running.

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