Dear billionaires: stop running for president

  • Bloomberg, Zuckerberg, Cuban, Perot, and Schultz all made their fortunes by steering businesses to enormous commercial success, and it’s easy for them to conclude that they could do the same for the country.
  • You’re very unlikely to win, it’s not clear that you have the skills to do the job well, and there are much, much better ways to make a difference in the world with your billions.
  • Here’s an argument for billionaires in politics, at least as long as they made their fortunes themselves: It takes an incredible work ethic, good management skills, dedication, and a gift for setting priorities to turn a small company into a prosperous multinational one.
  • He frequently mentions the debt and the deficit and seems inclined to make them a focal point of his campaign, while polls show Americans don’t care about them very much right now — they rank the economy, health care, terrorism, and jobs as higher priorities, with the share concerned with the budget deficit steadily falling since 2012.
  • In an environment where both candidates are spending lots of money on ads, they may not change any minds.
  • Some voting reform advocates have been successful on a local level convincing cities and states to adopt new voting systems like approval voting that seek to combat polarization.

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