Found: My New Favorite Running Shorts

  • In  my continuing quest to become a runner,  I’ve conquered a number of mental obstacles , but until recently, had yet to figure out the solution to a more tangible challenge: finding running clothes that are comfortable and functional for my big-busted, short, curvy body (not exactly the shape most athletic companies cater to).
  • After finally tracking down  my dream sports bra , my next goal was to find a pair of running shorts.
  • The requirements: Thick spandex, because those flimsy nylon running shorts just don’t cut it.
  • After buying and trying many different types of running tights, leggings, and shorts with results that ranged from “god, no!” to “meh,” I took Moving Comfort’s 7.5″ Endurance Shorts for a test run (literally), and fell in love.

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