Man Running a marathon film shoot for actor Gord Rand

  • It’s one of Gord Rand’s favourite hobbies and he jokingly suggests that the opportunity to spend so much time on the rugged mountain trails in Kananaskis is what initially drew him to the lead role of Jim in Calgary director Gary Burns’ dark and trippy drama Man Running.
  • Man Running, which opens in Edmonton and Calgary on April 12, follows Jim as he participates in a gruelling ultra-marathon through the cold and darkness of both the Rocky Mountains and his increasingly dire thoughts.
  • Various possibilities are floated through the film, with the audience not always sure what is memory and what is a hallucinated symptom of Jim’s overheating conscience.
  • While there is tenderness in the relationship between the doctor and his young patient, the film is relentlessly dark and dreamlike, with Rand’s haunted character spending much of his time running through literal and figurative darkness.
  • Fans of Burns’ past work, which includes genre-bending darkly comic outings such as 2000’s Waydowntown and 2006’s Radiant City, will certainly notice a significant shift in tone.

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