Mum expresses milk while completing 268-mile ‘Britain’s most brutal race’ and wins in record time 14 months after giving birth

  • WHILE running 286 miles in an ultra marathon dubbed ‘Britain’s most brutal’ would be a feat for anyone – a new mum has just completed one while expressing breast milk for her 14-month-old baby.
  • Jasmin Paris – who this week completed the Montane Spine Race in the North Pennines faster than any man or woman in the competition’s history – revealed that hiking with her daughter on her back helped her train for the gruelling race.
  • A mum has won a 286-mile race while expressing milk for her 14-month-old daughterTwitter
    The 35-year-old from Midlothian, who is also the first ever woman to cross the finish line first, set a new record of 83 hours and 12 minutes after beating Irishman Eion Keith’s previous record by 12 hours five minutes.
  • Jasmin was reunited with her baby girl Rowan at the end of the
  • The moment #inov8 ultra-runner @JasminKParis was reunited with her baby daughter at the end of her record breaking 83-hour run to win @TheSpineRace

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