Real Madrid’s ‘secret weapon’ are Aqua Running suits – a £160 buoyancy aid that boosts injury rehab and speed

  • The Aqua Running X6 suit allows a wearer to lose 90 per cent of their bodyweight while exercising in a swimming pool
    The suit allows those recovering from injury to do full exercise without anyimpact on muscles, ligaments and joints
    Nelson, who has run the London Marathon and won three gold medals at the World Transplant Games, designed the suit after 12 years on dialysis and while recovering from a broken metatarsal.
  • Nelson had kidney failure and has had to have two transplants, 12 years of dialysis and half of his leg amputated
    Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool are among the Premier League clubs to have some of the suits, while there are suits at St George’s Park, England Rugby’s Pennyhill Park and the Team USA Olympic Training Centre in Colorado.
  • Reds fanatic Terry also reckons the suits played a part in Real Madrid beating Liverpool in the Champions League final last May.
  • Manchester United are one of a number of Premier League clubs to use the suits
  • The week before the Champions League final, Ronaldo was carrying an injury,” said Terry.

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