The running man

  • When ultra-marathon runner Bai Bin was dragged into a car at gunpoint near Monterrey, Mexico, his sweaty shirt pulled up over his face to blind him, he feared it might be his last day on earth.
  • It was a far cry from the optimism with which he started his 24,000-kilometer journey in February 2018, when he boasted of his intentions “as a Guizhou native…to make Guizhou proud” by running from China’s Great Wall Station in Antarctica to the Arctic-covering, on average, 80 kilometers per day, across both American continents and 13 countries.
  • Around 2000, inspired by the development of China’s western regions, Bai decided to take a break from his computer repair business.
  • By the time Bai embarked on his Pole-to-Pole run in 2018, Chen was pregnant; their son was born as Bai traversed Peru.

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