Zappos on Running and Personalized Retail |

  • There is perhaps no pickier sub-group of shoe enthusiasts than runners.
  • Runners also tend to be more brand-loyal about their shoes than other buyers, and are more likely to shop at a local, single-proprietorship specialty shoe shop that specializes not just in the right running gear, but also hires associates that ensure proper fit and talk running strategies with consumers.
  • It is an effect that Amazon-owned Zappos would like to recreate in the digital world – an online hub where runners can not only buy the shoes they want, but also get advice, accessorize and connect with other running enthusiasts.
  • The point of the program, according to Grusman, is to help avid runners and novices alike commit to the 2019 running goals they set for themselves at the beginning of the year – right about the point when humans begin drifting away from their New Year
  • Time, and giving customers more of it, is above Zappos’ paygrade, according to Grusman.

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